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ICCON is a series of technical conferences and meetups to build and engage a community of engineers with the next infrastructure mindset.

Target tech began ICCON | infra cloud conference on April 7-8, 2021. It’s a standalone series of conferences and meetups on four main tracks (Systems, Network Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering & Data and Machine Learning). We strive to create connections between engineers from all industries and facilitate working relationships. The focus is on building a community of engineers and leveraging people, platforms and possibilities to best equip the “midnight developer”. ICCON comprises of several thousand ICCONic engineers and engineering leaders from diverse populations.

what does joining the ICCON family mean?

Ongoing access to a series of technical conferences and meetups to build and engage a community of engineers with the next infrastructure mindset.

Being among new peers that include rising technologists, innovators and those building the tech culture of tomorrow.

Exclusive invitations to track-specific events, networking opportunities and cohort conversations.

Building a community for engineers by engineers

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our tracks

ICCON focuses on four tracks – hosting an annual multi-track conference and monthly meetups featuring deep-dive discussions on one track.


Leveraging open compute and open source to build transformative, disaggregated platforms that allow for ubiquitous development experiences regardless of compute location: empowering programming to eliminate complexity of managing binaries, enabling ephemeral workloads that run anywhere and auto-scaling deployment to flex as business demands; striving toward fully abstracted open hardware management and moving data center to the edge. All the while enabling quick, reliable and scalable omnichannel experiences for customers.

site reliability engineering

Striving toward outage-less deployments by minimizing the frequency and impact of incidents; architecting systems, process and culture amid complex micro-service architecture, massively distributed compute footprints, on-demand deployments and handling billions of transactions.

network engineering

Exploring all aspects of modern network architecture, programmability and operations: what it takes to prepare and move organizations toward an open network operating system; and how the network industry, including Target, is embracing and benefiting from SONiC at the enterprise edge.

data and machine learning

Thinking, planning and building for the future with distributed applications, distributed data while taming complexity and large-scale event streaming. Also, building resilient databases at scale and architecting the next data infrastructure to meet tomorrow’s data demands.