the context of tech

Technology has never been more critical to business success, both bottom and top line, and it’s been a huge enabler of Target’s outsized growth – growth that’s pushing the boundaries of legacy infrastructure available today for large enterprises.

More growth needs more elasticity and programmability. Recognizing this, we’ve moved toward open source, open compute and an open network operating system that allow for more flexibility, control and choice. The industry is behind when it comes to open source and a community-driven approach is key to catching up and accelerating success.

who we are

Target’s mission is to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. And behind every joyful shopping experience, in store or online, is our physical and digital technology helping to bring these experiences to life.

We’ve spent the past several years investing heavily in a robust technology strategy. We’ve doubled down on technology infrastructure, built out a top-notch in-house engineering & data sciences team and leveraged open source to adapt & custom-build the best technology possible - for our team members and guests.


ICCON was born to create a new kind of conference that builds a platform rooted in knowledge sharing and networking; leveraging people, platforms and possibilities to best equip the ‘midnight developer’. It seeks out speakers, engineers and leaders from underrepresented populations to present recurring opportunities for engineers at all levels to connect, share and grow.

In addition to events, ICCON will present opportunities for engineers and leaders to host ongoing technical discussions and track-specific career conversations.

why now

Target has long committed to being a good neighbor, global partner and to serving & strengthening the communities where we operate. Our track record and reach into communities now extends to technology community-building with great purpose and energy through ICCON.

Where we’re going - and believe the infrastructure industry needs to go - requires cultural change and will take a community movement to get us there.