Welcome to ICCON - Target's Infra Cloud Conference - Play Video

Hari Govind | SVP of Infrastructure, Target

Keynote: All Things SRE at Target - Play Video

Vasilios Hoffman | VP of Production Engineering, Target

Scott Raynovich | Futuriom Founder and Principal Analyst

SRE as a Force Multiplier - Play Video

Kamini Dandapani | VP of Infrastructure Engineering, Airbnb

Jay Singonahalli | Sr. Director Technology, Target

Lightning Talk: SRE as a Force Multiplier - Play Video

William Hosbein | Lead Engineer SRE, Target

Interactive Whiteboard Session: Designing a Multi-cloud Operating Model - Play Video

Armon Dadgar | CTO and Co-Founder, HashiCorp

Deeper Dive with Armon Dadgar and an Overview of Systems at Target - Play Video

Armon Dadgar | CTO and Co-Founder, HashiCorp

John Engelman | Sr. Director Technology, Target

Lightning Talk: Systems TAP - Play Video

Michael Amundson | Principal Engineer, Target

Challenge Conventional Thinking on Build Tools - Play Video

Helen Altshuler | CEO and Co-Founder, EngFlow

Lightning Talk: VELA - Play Video

David Vader | Sr. Engineer, Target

Kelly Merrick | Engineer, Target

Embrace Network Duality - Play Video

Ryan Wiley | Cloud Network Solutions Architect, Audi

Ratna Malladi | Principal Product Manager, Target

Improving the Guest Experience Using Multimodal Learning for Fashion - Play Video

Min Wang | Lead Data Engineer, Target

Delivering Trusted Data at the Speed of Business - Play Video

Michael Willette | Technical Fellow, USAA

Data and the Guest Experience - Play Video

Anupama Joshi | Sr. Director Technology, Target

Sam Charrington | Founder, TWIML and Host, the TWIML AI Podcast

Being Real About Your Culture - Play Video

Carin Taylor | Chief Diversity Officer, Workday

Lightning Talk: Tech Talent Programs at Target - Play Video

Jade Denson | Sr. Manager, Target

Q&A with AM Speakers - Play Video

Moderator: Pablo Espinosa | VP of Network Engineering, Target

Q&A with PM Speakers - Play Video

Moderator: Brenda O'Kane | VP of Infrastructure, Target

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site reliability engineering meetup - Play Video

site reliability engineering

Date: 9.7.2022

Theme: Guest speakers from Uber presented “Ballast: An Adaptive Load Test Framework.” James Sauber from Target presented “Making Performance Work for You."

Network & Systems Engineering meetup - Play Video

Network & Systems Engineering

Date: 7.27.2022

Theme: Building a Network Functions Platform based on Commodity Hardware and Opensource Software

System Engineering meetup - Play Video

systems engineering

Date: 6.15.2022

Theme: Paul Jonason from Target talks about “Redfish Interoperability Profiles for the Enterprise.” Izaak Lauer from HashiCorp talks about "The Missing Abstraction Between Development and Deployments, and a Brief Introduction to HashiCorp Waypoint."

Network Engineering meetup - Play Video

network engineering

Date: 4.27.2022

Theme: Target’s Journey with Open Networking: Tips, Tricks, and Stumbles with using SONiC

Site reliability engineering meetup - Play Video

site reliability engineering

Date: 3.16.2022

Theme: Members of the production engineering team from Uber presented on “Capacity recommendation engine: Throughput and utilization based predictive scaling.” Tyghe Vallard of the Target SRE team, presented, “End-to-end observability for point-of-sale ecosystem."

Data & machine learning meetup - Play Video

data & machine learning

Date: 2.17.2022

Theme: Neuromorphic computing for image retrieval” featured speaker: ata mahjoubfar, director, high performance computing at Target.

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